On the 27th of March 1987, we were granted by the F.C.I. with the affix "Herr Kan" with No. 2560, and then it began our journey as breeders of German Shepherds. I am a member of R.C.E.P.P.A. with No. 1693 and the Royal Canine Society of Spain under the No. 245. On the 24th of January 1990, the Zoological No. G2300005 was given to us, as the first in Catalonia.

I started my career in the world of exhibitions, featuring three dogs in the Spanish “Siegerschau” in 1987: "Wambo vom Murrtal" (became the young "Sieger"), " Zambo vom Murrtal" (became the "Sieger" in the very young males class), and "Alfa Vom Freiland" ("Auslese-2"). The three were judged by the master Walter Martin. Certainly a good experience for my first year of competition.

In our nearly 25 years as breeders, we have achieved 15 times the rating of "Sieger", and 15 times the rating of Spanish "Auslese", not counting the titles earned by "Lasso vom Neuen Berg", a dog that we acquired in 1992 at the age of four months and a half, and in that same year he won the title of Spanish "Sieger" as Puppy “B”.




In 1993, "Lasso" became 3rd in the young class of the German “Siegerschau”, young Spanish "Sieger" and young "Sieger" in Austria. But certainly, for us, 1994 was "his year", when by the hand of the so well admired and unforgettable Hermann Martin, who proclaimed Lasso as "Auslese 9" in Germany, showing such a great confidence in him.
It was "Auslese" 4th and 3rd in 1995 and 1996, culminating his triumphant career in 1997, crowned as the "German Sieger" and "World Champion", besides being appointed for five consecutive years as "Sieger" in the USA.

We also got a World Championship with "Dax de Herr Kan", 7 times the title of best dog been born in Spain, three times the Trophy "Prince of Asturias", six times the "Best Spanish Stud Male", among 4 different males. "Sonny de Herr Kan" also made the "Best Attack" and became "Excellent 1st", despite not having the "Schutzhund" yet.

The progeny of "Lasso vom Neuen Berg" let his mark in Germany, France and Italy through great dogs and VA "Junbo vom der Dolomiten", "Enzo vom Buchhorn," " Math della Logia dei Mercanti", "Kastor vom Amur ", "Nero vom Nobachtal", etc.., as well as great females like the VA "Randa vom Fiemereck", "Jade vom Blue Rose", "Cindi vom Hirschel", among many others.

"Lasso" also let his great mark in Spain through dogs like "Axel de Herr Kan" (Spanish Puppy “B” "Sieger", and on the following year became SG-12 in the Hamburg “Siegerschau”). VA "Glosemosen's Meracus" whose son "Brass de Herr Kan" after being SG-23 (young males) in the Bremen “Siegerschau”, was crowned as young "Sieger" and VA for 3 times in Spain. Another great son, was "Dandy de Reserva del Cadí", was absolute International Reserve of "Best in Show" and a female, "Gina de Herr Kan" became SG-25 in the “Siegerschau” of Hamburg.





brass_herr kan


In recent years there have also been proclaimed Spanish "Siegers" two descendants of "Lasso", "Yello vom St. Michaels-Berg" and "Isso of Legio VII", and the VA-2 "James des Clot de S'Ullastre ", not to mention breathtaking females like the Spanish "Siegerin", "Alba de Sacromonte" or the "Ausleses" "Fiora de Villacristi" and "Laury de Villacristi”. All these among other great champions that demonstrate the big confidence in "Lasso" around the world.

We also had as Stud Male a great grandson of Lasso, "Yello vom St. Michaels-Berg". This dog showed for three consecutive years "Progeny Group" in the German "Siegerschau", demonstrating his breeding strength with "Nando vom Gollerweiher" proclaimed twice as VA in Germany, "Tyras vom Feld Rotten" and many more. "Yello" was VA-1 in Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Argentina and Chile, V-12 in Germany and "Sieger" in Spain and Denmark, and was considered as best spanish “Stud Male" in 2006 and 2007.




Proof of this are "Bronco du Mas de Les Cluses", "Ajax de Herr Kan" and "Yello de Herr Kan". Three of his sons who have earned the award of Spanish "Auslese". As the only dog, either been born in Spain or resided in Spain, which has achieved in placing three of his MALE sons with the precious award of "Auslese". Unfortunately, "Yello" passed away in August 31st 2010, but also left us such a great and spectacular progeny. In his last appearance in a "ring", got the first place as class of "Veterans", just two months before abandoning us forever.

Taking all this into account, there is no more to say that "Lasso" definitely left an outstanding mark on our hearts. And for all this is why in "Herr Kan" we have been firmly committed to such excellent bloodline. We do it because we want such a masculine head, a neck that gave him such an elegance and unmistakable touch of class, falling in love with that expression which we can continue observing by his progeny, be our banner and an unparalleled feature of our stud. “Zora de Herr Kan" is a good evidence, with a marked bloodline 3, 4-5 "Lasso vom Neuen Berg". "Zora" is achieving excellent results in Germany and Spain.